Polytechnology Committee
of North Syria

We are the technology development committee of North Syria. Our goal is to master technology, end the world state system and replace it with a democratic, autonomous paradigm.

To achieve this, we will provide the necessary tools for decentralized governance and economics. Such tools will be democratic- with mechanisms for society to reach fair consensus, and autonomous- by preserving individuals right to decide and act freely.

All around the world, humans are enslaved by a state apparatus that exploits them with technology.

We are the promise of another technology: the technology of freedom.

> RUN revolution.exe

Main projects

Self-sufficient Hardware

Our aim is to manufacture our own routers and telephones based off open source technology. The end goal is that North Syria becomes completely self sufficient in all of its technical requirements.

Crypto and Blockchain

Develop and popularize decentralized and anonymous crypto-based systems for society, politics and economy, and deploy tools for p2p self organization.

Autonomous Networks

Construct infrastructure to enable the population of North Syria to access free services for education and self organization, as well as for local ISPs to compete in selling internet access. The operation of this network is to be governed under a cooperative contract.

Hacker Academies

We are initiating open academies in every major city for young people to learn about technology, engineering, math and science. They will also be centers for disseminating our philosophy which is the guiding force of our work.


What is the project status?
We are in the process of training developers, and are in the early stages of deploying infrastructure projects across North Syria (such as wireless community networks, operating system development, and cryptosystems).
What is the role of technology in North Syria?
With the war in Syria winding down, our emphasis is shifting into a society building project. As a landlocked region with hard borders on every side, technology is a multiplier for every area of society, including politics and economy. The region is facing serious challenges, and its ability to develop technology is crucial for its survival.
What are your responsibilities?
We are responsible for the civil technical development plans, reviewing proposals to the administration, iniating projects, and training technical specialists.
What support are you looking for?
We are looking for specialists that can provide training and expertise, either by visiting North Syria or online. We are also seeking partnerships with organizations that have relevant project proposals, and are recruiting developers that can come to North Syria for long periods of time and be responsible for projects.


Contribute code, and report bugs at GitHub.


You can find our details on the contact page.


View the address at Blockchain.info.


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The Polytech logo by Benoit Ferran is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.